Welcome to DADA

By DADA, July 26, 2012

Thanks for being here!  This is what we are about:

DADA was envisioned by an artist for artists, with the goal of creating a vibrant online creative community where artists can share their individual visions and connect with each other for the common good. DADA is much more than a showcase or a social network for artists. DADA is a space where artists can play, explore, inspire, get inspiration and organize themselves and other artists to gain more individual and collective power. DADA is free and fun.

DADA has many useful practical features which help artists manage their resources and contacts so they can have more time to create. DADA gives a voice and a space to all talented artists who need to reach an audience and make a buck. DADA encourages change by creating offsite activities about important issues where artists can create and give back to the community at large. DADA’s aim is to create connected communities of talented people across many artistic disciplines.  It will start with visual artists, but soon musicians, writers, architects, filmmakers will all have a home in DADA and will be able to enrich themselves with the contributions of their peers in every art form as well as their own.



What do you think?

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