Tips For Shameless Self-Promotion

By Yehudit Mam, June 16, 2013

 We can’t all be brazen self-promoters like these two guys, but there are a few steps artists can take to help us get better at it.

• Show, Don’t Tell

We get a lot of queries from artists looking for gigs. Most of the time we receive either gangly lists of links, or even ganglier lists of written accomplishments.  Alas, no one has the time to surf and search the web anymore, let alone read stuff. People crave the immediate. And the visual is king.

We started out DADA by giving artists the possibility of creating customized portfolios they can send via email. Instead of reams of links, or The Brothers Karamazov of bios, the intended target gets to see your gorgeous work immediately, just by opening their email.

It’s direct, it’s personal, and it looks great.

• Websites Are A Thing Of The Past

Websites are very useful for people to get a sense of who and what kind of operation we are, and the breadth of our work. But once they navigate through all that stuff, chances are they will never come back. Now that we communicate through social media, the website may become as obsolete as the printed business card.

So if a client asks you for 3D portraits of Chihuahuas, you can send them to your website, where they will spend precious time searching for them, or you can customize a portfolio with just 3D Chihuahuas, and send it to them via email. They will appreciate that you made it easy for them. Help the client love your work. Don’t make them do the work.

• Build A Great Portfolio 

A portfolio should not have more than 7-10 works. Choose only the work you consider absolutely stellar, the work that best represents you; what you are most proud of.

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