Color My World

By Yehudit Mam, February 11, 2015

Have you ever wanted to rename the colors of the Crayola crayons? Do you go into a paint store and are mesmerized by the color swatches on the walls? Do you collect Pantone chips? All of the above? If that is the case, you must love color.

Who doesn’t? Yet we take it for granted. We see it every day, yet barely stop to admire it.  Artists play with it, shape it, combine it and make fantastic art with it.

And then there are those people who attempt to rope in all the colors of the universe in one place.

In the XVII Century, an artist with the unfortunate name of A. Boogert created an 800 page book about color called Traité Des Couleurs Servant A La Peinture A L’Eau. 

Something like “treatise on the colors used for water coloring”. It is a thing of beauty:


In our century, artist Tauba Auerbach has created her own version of a book of all colors with the technology available today, with digital offset prints of every variation of the RGB (Red Green Blue) color model.  It is a perfect cube and looks like a sculpture, or the greatest toy ever.  It is also an amazing practical tool for artists and designers.

0286_A Red Composite-Tauba-Auerbach-large



Make a point of noticing the colors of objects around you, from the most beautiful, like your favorite scarf, to the mundane, like a checkbook or a pair of scissors. What does color tell you? How does it change your mood? Do you love it or does it make your eyes hurt? And if this makes you feel like getting some pencils, markers, crayons  or paints and make some art, go for it.

Think of color and be grateful.

What do you think?

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