By Yehudit Mam, March 18, 2015


Photo by Man Ray

Close to one hundred years ago, an art movement was born out of rebellion. At the dawn of the 20th century, after the horrors of World War I, a group of artists decided art needed revolution. It needed to shed its bourgeois complacency, it needed to respond to modern horror and modern times.

Sophie Tabuer-Arp

Sophie Tauber-Arp

The DADA movement was born. It’s hard to pin down. DADA is manifested in painting, sculpture, collage, photography, poetry, performance art. You don’t have to be from the early 20th century. You can be a Dadaist right now.

Marcel Duchamp


The urinal that shook the world. 

Today we need something similar. Something to shake art out of its predictability, its elitist snobbery.


Max Ernst

As an art movement, DADA was always true to its anarchic spirit. “DADA is anti-DADA”.



We salute the visionaries who playfully, provocatively, and in total freedom, made a statement about art and the world that influenced modern art for decades to come. They still inspire artists to experiment, to break the rules, to avoid conformity.

Hannah Hoch

“DADA, as for it, it smells of nothing, it is nothing, nothing, nothing.”

“We attempted perfection; we wanted an object to be without flaw, so we cut the papers with a razor, pasted them down meticulously, but it buckled and was ruined… that is why we decided to tear pre-wrinkled paper, so that in the finished work of art imperfection would be an integral part, as if at birth death were built in.”
Hans Arp

Mask by Marcel Janco

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