Happy Birthday, Mr. Hopper!

By Yehudit Mam, July 22, 2015

Today is Edward Hopper’s birthday. And we want to celebrate because we love Edward Hopper. And we love Edward Hopper because his paintings are beautifully disquieting. They remind us of film stills; they are quintessentially modern. They speak of loneliness, life in the big city, life in the era of highways and anonymity.

hopper-house-by-the-railroad gas
hopper2auto 31rdv-hopper-soir-bleu-superJumbo edward_hopper_shop_hotel_railroad_postcard_1 Nighthawks_by_Edward_Hopper_1942 newyork-movie new-york-office

edward-hopper-room-in-brooklyn-1932-1367969563_orgThe man himself:


What do you think?

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