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New And Improved: DADA Community

By Yehudit Mam, December 16, 2015

Welcome to our redesign! We hope you’ll enjoy our several new features and design tweaks.

What’s new in Community:

  • The conversations are now shorter and easier to scroll.
  • Hover over any drawing and a mini map will appear in each sequence to help you navigate the 10 most recent drawings.
  • The lit portion of the mini map shows you what drawing you are looking at.
  • Move through the shaded portion to see the rest of the drawings.
  • The number next to the mini map refers to the amount of drawings in a conversation.

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  • Click on any drawing to enlarge the full conversation.
  • To close the enlarged conversation click on the X on the top right.

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  • The new sketchpad is a little bigger now.
  • The sketchpad will appear at the end of the conversation if you have the same or more experience level than the person who started it.
  • The levels are defined by the number of color dots next to your avatar.
  • The comments are organized by most recent. You can load previous comments.
  • You can follow people by clicking the star next to their name.
  • Click on the arrow on top of the drawing to share a conversation to social media.
  • When the conversation is enlarged, click on the arrow under any drawing to share it individually.
  • The titles of the conversations are now on the top right and are limited to 20 characters.
  • You can now access our blog from the blog icon on the bottom left.

Temporary issues:

  • You won’t be able to open a branch. 
  • You won’t be able to scroll through your contact list. 
  • The enlarged conversations may take longer to load. 

We are working on it and they will be resolved soon. Let us know what you think!


What do you think?

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