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Rising Star: Boris Toledo Doorm

By Yehudit Mam, December 1, 2015

We are so lucky to have this young, talented Chilean illustrator on DADA. Not only is Boris number one on our leaderboard, with over 50,000 points, and hundreds of drawings, but he is a friendly and encouraging presence. He is always motivating others to draw. Artists like Boris make DADA a place where people want to draw.

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From his excellent and versatile drawings, it’s hard to guess that he is only 22. Perhaps this is the clue to his prolific output since it’s a mystery to us how he manages to draw so much (and so well) each day. Perhaps in Planet Boris days have more than 24 hours.

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We don’t know much about Boris. Only that he has a nosy pet rabbit that seems to materialize everywhere and that we have adopted as DADA’s unofficial mascot.

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It turns out that Boris is world famous for making art with avocados! We can only hope that he eats his art after he creates it. He deserves it.

PS: He also loves memes!

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