Art Is Resistance

By Yehudit Mam, March 2, 2017

Thirty artists from thirty different countries are represented in Trumpomania, a collective exhibition at Salomon Arts Gallery in New York City. Curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles,  Charlotte Hamson, and Victoria Latysheva, it brings together a diverse group of works surrounding the topic of Donald Trump and the current Republican administration in the US.

The exhibition will open with a reception on Friday, March 3rd corresponding with the opening of The NY Armory Show and Armory Arts Week.

DADA is represented at the show by multimedia works from our founder Beatriz Helena Ramos, and by a collaboration between DADA artists Felipe Muñoz Vergara, aka Cromomaníaco, Susana Riveros, aka Otro Captore, and Marcos Contreras, aka Marcos Nath.

Beatriz’s multimedia piece, Insidious, is a video installation in which an oil portrait of Trump goes into a process of decomposition. It features music by artist Richard Garet.

Beatriz says: “I’m interested in translating visually how living in Trump times make me feel: Like falling into chaos. Things happen so fast that I miss them even when I’m paying attention. Yet, I have a sense that everything is changing in a gradual, subtle way with harmful effects, leading to a wreck.”


Detail of Insidious by Beatriz Helena Ramos.

Otro Captore, Cromomaníaco and Marcos Nath collaborated on Delusion: The Body As Media, a video and performance.


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 5.14.54 PM

Detail from Delusion: The Body As Media. Video by Otro Captore, Cromomaníaco, and Marcos Nath.

From their artists’ statement:

We take as a starting point the meme of Melania Trump in which she abruptly changes facial expression during the presidential inauguration of her husband, Donald Trump… Melania’s image, a symbol broadcasted on millions of screens around the world, infinitely looped in a fake smile and then a change of mask, leads us to ask: is she unhappy, frustrated, oppressed? We can’t be sure, but she reminds us that the female body is an object appropriated by others and denied subjectivity, as Simone de Beauvoir, Judith Butler and other feminist thinkers have argued.

Other artists include Frans Smit (Africa), Vasily Grino (Belarus), Charlotte Hamson (Canada), Juan Travieso (Cuba), Jay Ole (Denmark), Maurice Marty (France), Alex Diamond (Germany), Cacao Rocks (Greece), Tyler (India), Icy & Sot (Iran), Repas (Kazakhstan), Chervi (Kyrgyzstan), Ashekman (Lebanon), Tlisza Jaurique (Mexico), Alona Ojog (Moldova), Olek (Poland), Sen2 (Puerto Rico), Sergey Mironenko (Russia), Marcos Martinez (Spain), Mikael Takacs (Sweden), Amr Fahed (Syria), Richie Culver (UK), Roman Gronav (Ukraine), Vicky Barranguet (Uruguay), Zofia Bogusz (USA), Michael Mararian (USA), Alison Mosshart (USA), William Quigley and Ben Moon (USA), Marcus Zilliox (USA), and Mazher Nizar (Yemen).


Art by Sergey Mironenko



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