Art Is The Answer

August 17, 2017

We are disgusted by the tragic and appalling events in Charlottesville, Virginia and by the obscene support of Donald Trump for white supremacists, racists, and Nazis. The world can be a hostile place, particularly when those in power make it more so. Their toxicity can be countered in many ways, none of which is silence. […]

The War Against Artists

January 7, 2016

It’s not an overt battle, but it is a relentless one. Art is undermined in society in many ways. From the unconscionable cutting of art education budgets and classes to stereotyping artists as useless losers, to funding and distributing only the most commercial content to the detriment of quality, creativity and experimentation, to the plight […]

Dream Visions

September 22, 2015

Do you know what hypnagogia means? It’s as groovy as it sounds: “Hypnagogia is the transition period between wakefulness and sleep, when, while still conscious, you might find yourself seeing images, having thoughts or hearing things that make little logical sense. This is the gateway to lucid dreaming and, possibly, astral traveling and divine revelation”. […]

United Colors of… The Venice Biennale

May 20, 2015

  The 56th Venice Biennale is in full swing until November, with the theme “All The World’s Futures”. It’s rather hopeful, considering the current state of affairs. We’ll be happy to have one decent future for the world. Besides 136 individual artists, 89 countries are represented. Here are some works from the different national pavillions. […]

Creativity or Madness: The Red Book

February 16, 2015

In 1913, after a painful break with his mentor and colleague Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, one of the founding figures of psychoanalysis, went through what he called “a horrible “confrontation with the unconscious”. Jung was the guy who invented psychoanalytical concepts like synchronicity, introversion and extroversion, the theory of the collective unconscious and universal archetypes, which have deeply influenced modern […]

Art on Vacation

April 4, 2013

We were in Mexico City for a week and ran into some fabulous folk art. This is traditional amate painting. Amate is paper made of tree bark. Amate painting, which ranges from the sublime, like the piece below, to the kitschy tourist crap,  used to be mostly anonymous, but now some artists sign their work. We […]

Snow Patterns by Simon Beck

December 6, 2012

Apparently, this is a trend now. He makes them with his feet.    

Dept. of All Hell Breaks Loose

December 1, 2012

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) is acquiring video games for its art collection.  We happen to think Second Life looks like shit, but pacman rules.  

Power To The Artists!

November 27, 2012

Slow Art Day

August 21, 2012

  Apparently, most of us spend an average of a measly 17 seconds looking at a painting in a museum.  Fifteen seconds is all we think we need to check out the Mona Lisa! Places to go, people to see! We want to cover the entirety of the Louvre before lunch (in our experience, a […]

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