Ocean of Images

June 24, 2015

With new technologies, photographers are experimenting with the medium in fresh and original ways. Here are some of the artists MoMa’s has chosen for “Ocean of Images”, the exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of its New Photography show, opening November 7. Lucas Blalock Ilit Azoulay Basim Magdy Edson Chagas Natalie Czech Lieko¬†Shiga David Hartt Mishka […]

Mary Ellen Mark: Tough Love

May 27, 2015

She aimed her camera at those in the margins and the shadows. People we tend to avert our eyes from. She made them present and unforgettable by capturing them with compassion but without sentimentality, a memento of tough love. “I just think it is important to be direct and honest with people about why you […]

Plankton: The Art of Nature

May 26, 2015

These fascinating microscopic creatures, known as plankton, are 98% of the ocean’s habitat. They are also extremely beautiful, and captured here in photographs by Christian Sardet.

Vivian Maier: The Accidental Artist

March 3, 2015

She was a shy and reclusive nanny who liked to take pictures. She never sought attention for her photographs. When her work was discovered, she turned out to be an incredible photographer, with a great eye and a knack for capturing impromptu moments. We recommend the excellent documentary Finding Vivian Maier (available on Netflix DVD).

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