This Week On DADA

December 18, 2014

This week we had a good variety of duos: These lovely ladies are the result of a collaborative drawing.

Branching Out!

October 22, 2014

Hey, artists! DADA is introducing a cool new feature to our popular visual conversation platform. So far, artists have been replying to a single long stream of conversation, which is a lot of fun and can lead to surprising directions. Now those directions can branch out into new conversations. Imagine a tree with growing limbs, where you […]

Let’s Have A Visual Conversation

August 5, 2014

Artists! Why use words when you can illustrate how you feel? Just draw a thought or a feeling or a mythical being, and invite your friends to answer back with a drawing of their own. It’s so much fun.Try one now!

Booze & Doodles!

May 29, 2013

As part of New York Internet Week 2013, DADA hosted a fun get together, DADA’s Draw The Line Creative Mixer, inviting artists and the people who love them to test ride our new digital sketchpad.  We almost had to surgically remove the artists off the digital sketchpads, they would not let go! We are refining […]

Welcome to DADA

July 26, 2012

Thanks for being here!  This is what we are about: DADA was envisioned by an artist for artists, with the goal of creating a vibrant online creative community where artists can share their individual visions and connect with each other for the common good. DADA is much more than a showcase or a social network […]

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