Featured Artist: María García

April 25, 2016

At DADA, we have a lot of very creative people who are not professional artists, but who draw with a great innate sense of style. María is one of our most prolific artists. We believe she draws with her mouse, but her imagination and versatility are enormous. Her sense of color and composition is mesmerizing. Her […]

Women in DADA

March 9, 2016

Since yesterday was International Women’s Day, something we think should happen every day, we thought to honor the wonderful female artists that grace our platform with their talent. We are proud to have an almost even ratio of girls and guys and they all get along famously. But we can’t pass up the opportunity to […]

Like A Rainbow

March 24, 2015

Imagine living without color. How sad and dull and dreary. Yet, we experience it everywhere and take it for granted. Check out this video in which people who are colorblind put on a pair of glasses and can see color for the first time. Color is such a gift.  Here’s some color for your enjoyment: […]

Color My World

February 11, 2015

Have you ever wanted to rename the colors of the Crayola crayons? Do you go into a paint store and are mesmerized by the color swatches on the walls? Do you collect Pantone chips? All of the above? If that is the case, you must love color. Who doesn’t? Yet we take it for granted. We see […]

Artists On DADA: Ediz Evrenos

January 27, 2015

This witty illustrator from Istanbul always makes us smile with his quirky take on the world and his smart use of color. His drawings are a joy. And here are some of the drawings he has made on dada.nyc: Cheers, Ediz!  

Artists on DADA: Nicolás Manjón

November 24, 2014

This talented illustrator and graphic designer has a knack for naive art. He has a great sense of color as well as an edgy, playful sense of humor. Below is one of his digital illustrations: And this is a live drawing he collaborated on with other artists: “Let’s make a bad drawing!” Apparently, Nicolás is incapable of […]

Art on Vacation

April 4, 2013

We were in Mexico City for a week and ran into some fabulous folk art. This is traditional amate painting. Amate is paper made of tree bark. Amate painting, which ranges from the sublime, like the piece below, to the kitschy tourist crap,  used to be mostly anonymous, but now some artists sign their work. We […]

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