DADA’s Kickstarter is LIVE!

September 27, 2016

We hope this video and our story in Kickstarter inspires you to help DADA continue providing an amazing creative community for anyone who likes to speak visually. Every little bit counts! Please donate (we start at $1.00!) and share. We appreciate your support! Note: the Kickstarter campaign is over.  

Bunny: An Illustrated Meme

September 16, 2015

One of the most miraculous aspects of building an online drawing platform for artists is to give them the tools to create and then wait to see what they come up with. The artists who draw at DADA never cease to amuse us and amaze us. People create mini graphic stories just by responding to someone’s drawing. […]

In Trump We Trust

September 1, 2015

There is always a silver lining, even through the most bizarre, depressing news. So while human Cheeto (with apologies to yummy Cheetos) and despicable opportunist Donald Trump is running for president, and while he has the money to campaign long past anyone’s endurance, the people have spoken. He has inspired a cornucopia of memes. At […]

The Year Of The Cat

August 11, 2015

Cats. They are the most famous beings in the world today. They are the biggest celebrities, watched by millions of people around the world. They don’t care about fame, fortune, or adulation.  But that’s because they’re crazy. And we are crazy about them. The Museum of The Moving Image in New York is currently showing […]

Fight for Net Neutrality

February 4, 2015

How many people can say that they love their cable company? Anyone? Didn’t think so. The very same companies that make us all miserable with their awful customer service, gouging packages and bad bureaucracy, want to control the internet so that sites will have pay for faster speeds and better access. Small sites like DADA and […]

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