Thanks, Señora Cecilia!

August 25, 2012

By now, you must live under a rock if you haven’t heard about the poor Spanish elderly lady who took it upon herself to restore a badly damaged 19th century portrait of Jesus in a church in Borja, Spain. You probably have seen the appallingly funny before and after pictures. The story is very touching. […]

Gaudí Is In The Details

August 15, 2012

Photos by Yehudit Mam.  

Happy Birthday, Alfred Hitchcock!

August 13, 2012

He was one of the greatest visual artists of the 20th Century. You can listen here to his definition of perfect happiness: “A clear horizon, nothing to worry about on your plate. Only things that are creative and not destructive. That’s within yourself, within me I can’t bear quarreling I can’t bear feelings between people. I […]

Happy 80th Birthday, Gerhard Richter!

August 6, 2012

Gerhard Richter, one of our favorite artists, turns 80 this year. He keeps exploring the possibilities of painting. If you are in Paris, he’s at the Centre Pompidou. Run, don’t walk.  He is one of the modern masters. Gerhard Richter, Panorama du 6 juin au 24… by centrepompidou

Artists We Love: Cindy Sherman

August 2, 2012

We recently saw the Cindy Sherman retrospective at MoMa and we loved her. That is to say, each and everyone of her, for Cindy Sherman has been taking pictures of herself since she was an art student, and has managed to become hundreds of different women, and sometimes men, while channeling many important historical artistic […]

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