Art Is By Everyone, For Everyone

November 17, 2017

I grew up surrounded by fine art in Mexico City. My dad was an art connoisseur and informal advisor to collectors of Mexican art. He used to emcee charity art auctions. I grew up going to museums and art galleries. My parents were modest collectors; we had art on our walls at home. My idea of […]

Art Is The Answer

August 17, 2017

We are disgusted by the tragic and appalling events in Charlottesville, Virginia and by the obscene support of Donald Trump for white supremacists, racists, and Nazis. The world can be a hostile place, particularly when those in power make it more so. Their toxicity can be countered in many ways, none of which is silence. […]

The Art Of The Record Cover

September 9, 2015

… has almost been lost.  CDs are simply not the same. Having in your hands a big square with a shiny black acetate inside, covered by indelible art, sometimes with more art inside, now that was a rite of passage. MoMa’s architecture and design wing has a lovely exhibit on the art that graces the covers […]

Ocean of Images

June 24, 2015

With new technologies, photographers are experimenting with the medium in fresh and original ways. Here are some of the artists MoMa’s has chosen for “Ocean of Images”, the exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of its New Photography show, opening November 7. Lucas Blalock Ilit Azoulay Basim Magdy Edson Chagas Natalie Czech Lieko Shiga David Hartt Mishka […]

Jacob Lawrence: We Shall Overcome

April 15, 2015

This series of 60 panels by artist Jacob Lawrence depicting the great migration of African-Americans from the rural South to the urban North, can now be seen in its entirety at MoMa, through September 7. Lawrence was only 23 years old when he completed them on tempera in 1941. They are a landmark in American modern […]

Henri Matisse: The Cutouts

December 31, 2014

This is the most delightful, magnificent exhibition we saw this year. Henri Matisse’s cutouts at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, are more than just a delight, they are a glimpse into the endless creativity of an artist who kept revolutionizing art even at the end of his days. When he could not paint any more, Matisse […]

Sound and Fury

August 5, 2013

Yesterday, we went to MoMa for a preview of their new exhibition, Soundings: A Contemporary Score, the first such show devoted to sound art in this museum. We are thrilled that our friend and member of the DADA community, Richard Garet, has an amazing piece in the show. His work, Before Me (2012), involves a vinyl […]

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