Celebrating The Art of Conversation

February 19, 2016

On DADA, conversation is an art. We mean this literally: all the conversations are made with art. This week, we are celebrating that we have reached 100,000 users and counting. It’s not only the number of users that we are proud of, but we are humbled, inspired and moved by the creativity, imagination, motivation and […]

A Drawing A Day…

January 19, 2016

…keeps the doctor, the shrink, death, taxes and loneliness away. That’s why we have a drawing challenge every day where you can draw with others and take your imagination and talent for a spin. Whether it’s a yeti on the beach… A flying monkey… Disco chameleons… …angry flowers (you’ve always wanted to draw one, admit […]

It’s a Beautiful Thing!

September 30, 2015

When we created DADA, we didn’t know that we were going to help create true friendships. We expected people to “connect” and “follow”, but what we love the most is to see people becoming friends through drawing. We are thrilled to watch our social network become an irrepressibly joyful space for collaboration and experimentation. People […]

This Week On DADA

November 27, 2014

Visual conversations between artists Lorena Pinasco, Andü Abril, Juan Gabriel Ramos, Beatriz Helena Ramos (our founder!) and Moxarra.

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