When Is Art Ever Finished?

March 29, 2016

Last week we happened onto the opening day of the new modern and contemporary wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Met Breuer, which is housed in what used to be the Whitney Museum. The Met Breuer opens with a fantastic exhibition of unfinished art through the centuries. Some of these paintings, particularly in […]

Let Us Now Praise Famous Dogs

August 26, 2015

Today is National Dog Day. Although, if you want to be exact, every day is National Dog Day. Cat owners may disagree. They celebrate National Cat Day every day. Oh, well. In any case, we are honored to celebrate such an important milestone in pet history by admiring some nifty canines who have made an […]

Is Art Priceless?

May 13, 2015

Art is supposed to be priceless, but this week auction houses broke records on sales of modern and contemporary art to amass obscene numbers. A busy Picasso was sold for $179 million. By the end of his life, Picasso, like many of the artists whose work was sold this week, had done well by himself, […]

The Original Selfie

May 6, 2015

Before your camera, there was the self-portrait. A little harder to achieve than the selfie today. Can you guess who they are?

Tips For Shameless Self-Promotion

June 16, 2013

 We can’t all be brazen self-promoters like these two guys, but there are a few steps artists can take to help us get better at it. • Show, Don’t Tell We get a lot of queries from artists looking for gigs. Most of the time we receive either gangly lists of links, or even ganglier […]

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